Today, global trade is impacted by several transformations and disruptions. Amidst all these rapid changes, Indian shipping and logistics industry is trying its best to stay afloat and serve the trade while contributing to the growth of economy. During last year shipping industry has witnessed significant developments like carrier consolidation, modernization of ports, capacity expansions at ports and terminals, expansion of ICDs and CFS, innovations in cargo forwarding, digitalization, etc. giving thrust to the businesses in a way nullifying the impact of setbacks.

Whoever is part of this impressive growth story, deserves recognition. With all your profound support and encouragement, once again , Gateway Awards 2018 comes to you with the call for nominations.

These nominations are open today, 29th June 2018 for all stakeholders as per the segments mentioned in the Nominations tab of our website.

We invite each one of you to utilize this opportunity and send filled in nominations as soon as possible to make the selection process hassle free. On September 7th, 2018, the winners will be announced in a prestigious Gala Ceremony at The Lalit, Mumbai.

What the Award symbolizes?

The Gateway Award is an evocative and iconic piece symbolic of the Ship’s Wheel and also depict the rays of sunlight that appear to radiate from a single point in the sky. The Gateway Award is an attractive focal point for a desktop, shelf or trophy case. The Award is made in brass with three quarters of an inch thick, eight-inches-tall by eight-inches-wide. Each award is individually lasered with winner and/or client information.

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